I was told by a broker that people with my sirname are not meant to trade or invest in the stock markets and as i had just turned 20 he told me that i was too young to know technical analysis, forget about me writing and recommending using my knowledge.
A Journey Not To Prove Him Wrong, But To Add Value To Investors & Traders, Do Good For Society - I LOVE WHAT I DO!
I was born in a middle class family in Pune on 8 July 1975. My father worked with Telco between 1970 and 1993 when he retired. My mother though a house wife was an entrepreneur in her own way.
Like many, I too was meant to grow up in a way familiar to many - grow up, study, get a job, start earning, support the family, get married, have children, educate them, get them married, retire, become a grandparent etc. You will come across many people who even today go through this kind of a life cycle, many by the circumstance and an equal number by choice.
This kind of life cycle never attracted me, the thought itself never appealed to me. I had my own plans,I wanted to do something in life, something which could make a difference, something which could create value in other’s lives, something which could help others achieve their goals in life.
If you have big ambitions in life then get ready to watch a lot of movies, documentaries, videos, read books, read articles. They have plenty of things to teach and educate. I have always believed that learning from others experience is much better than trying the same things again. It always saves time, money and efforts if you learn from others instead of collecting experience by relearning something already done. This will always play an important role in your development. One movie which by default has to be in your list is‘Forrest Gump’.
It is a story about a man with low IQ, who does plenty of things in life and ensures that he excels in everything that he does. My favorite dialogue from the movie has been, Forrest Gump: “My momma always said, Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”
Life indeed is a box of chocolates, you will taste all sorts of them, some sweet and some bitter. To be successful you have to taste them as they come your way. I have successfully played the role of ‘Forrest’ throughout my life accepting everything that came my way as a box of chocolates. It surely has helped me immensely.Life has presented me with things which I never wanted to do or which I had never though off. It is because of this movie, I could enjoy all those different roles, responsibilities, goals, tasks like a box of chocolate.
HARDWORK is important in life but equally important is CLARITY. With it accepting a new task as a new box of chocolate becomes easy. This will provide you the required energy during the down periods.
Love What You Do! Do What You Love!
I enjoyed every moment of what I did and have enjoyed every moment till date.SUCCESS COMES WITH A LOT OF HARD WORK.I have learnt this very early in life If you WANT to SHINE like the SUN then BE READY to BURN like the SUN’.
As a growing up kid I wanted to create things. I was making gliders using foam sheets and loved Aeromodelling, I was into making things work, I just wanted to see things come to life. When somebody asked me, what would I want to be when I grow up? My answer used to be, I want to be a pilot.
Most of the children when asked have a standard reply they would either want to be Doctors, Engineers, Scientist, Pilots, Cricketers etc. It all depends on the exposure, no child would say I want to be someone like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg or Warren Buffett or Rakesh Jhunjunwala. Same was the case was with me, Pune being an Air force hub, the fighter planes used to fly every morning and this excited everybody my age then.

When I was 10 I started playing cricket. The credit for this part of my life goes to my father.I started my cricketing career with Bapat sir at the PYC ground.
Those were the days when PYC was considered to be the motherland of cricket. Cricket is said to be a Gentleman’s game. To know what it meant you had to play at PYC, where everything that you did on the ground was with a reason.

The game has a theory and if you wanted to learn and play it by the book then in those you had to playat PYC grounds. Bapat sir and Bhandarkar sir were the two legends who coached hundreds of kids aiming to play cricket by the book.Between 1988 to 1991, I played at Nehru Stadium under Hemant Talwalkar sir. He was the one who gave all his boys the exposure that they required.
In 1991 I completed my 10th standard. This was the year which brought a big change in my life. As I cleared my schooling, the only thing in my mind was to play cricket, play atleast for the state team. My father was to retire in the next two years and my parents wanted me to start earning. I was 16 years old and my parents told me about something called as being an ‘Apprentice’ in Telco.

This was a 3 year training provided by Telco in their Training Division in the company’s Pimpri plant. During these 3 years of training i had to stay at a hostel in the Telco colony at Pimpri. All this for a 16 year old was like a full stop on his dreams. I fough twith my parents, I tried to resist this decision, I cried. The circumstances finally made me give up and do what my parents wanted to do, that I think was the need of the day. I was selected to be an apprentice in a batch of 60 boys all aged 16 who had won their way on merit amongst 5500 boys who had applied for the training then in 1991. Every boy selected had a Trade, a field in which he was going to be trained.
My trade was Mechanic Motor Vehicle. From an ambition of being a pilot and later a cricketer, life now had brought me to a point where I was going to be a Mechanic. The reason why I was enrolled for this program was that it was going to ensure me a job with Telco after completion of training.This would mean that the family has an earning hand.
Though the initial few weeks or months was a period of pain, I have a firm belief that whatever I am today could never have happened if these 3 years were not a part of my life. This 3 year FTA (Full Term Apprentice) program changed my life forever.
Mr.Sumant Moolgaonkar is God for a few thousand of FTA’s like me who have been trained at Telco Training Division, Pune.
Life may present you things which you never expected to happen, take them happily in your stride. That acceptance will ensure that you see a beautiful tomorrow.
I completed my training and was immediately selected as a permanent employee like what my parents wanted to happen. I was selected to work with ERC division (Engineering and Research Division) with Engines as the specialization at the age of 19. In those days Telco ERC was considered one of the best in Asia. The next 6 years of my life helped me chalk out a road map for where I am today.

During my hostel years I had all the time for my love of sports. Some of them which I played well – Cricket, Football, Kabbadi, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Javelin Throw. Some of the trophies and awards during those days can be seen in the attached pics.
Out of these the best award has been the Best Bowler trophy for the highest number of wickets in a season. Throughout this period I continued to play cricket, had my own team by the name ‘PERFECT BOYS’ which played the
Poona District Association. I also played for Tata’s and my best time had been playing the Inter Tata Tournament from the Telco Head Office team. Some pics attached.
I continued to play till the year 2000 when I finally had to make a choice – between building a career and

sports.With lot of pain and with a big stone on my heart I finally decided to go with career.
GROWING UP YEARS – Growing, Stock Market Foundation, Living A Dream, Taking It To Success…
There are examples where in the later part of life some individuals have decided to follow their dream and have made it big. But I believe the age group between 15 to 30 is very crucial. Your mind is a clean slate, if you write positive, if you gather knowledge, if you work hard towards your career during these years, they help you build yourself on a strong footing. It dictates the future direction of your life. Higher is the probability of something which ‘STARTS WELL, ALSO ENDING WELL’. It was 1994 at the age of 19, I got a permanent job. My starting salary was Rs.7500 per month, company bus to take me to work and drop me back, a good lunch or dinner as per the working hours, my parents were happy. An advantage which I realize today was working in Engines department of the Engineering Research Centre. The approach, the way you think, the way you do things, the responsibility part in that research though the task could be smallest of tasks. These years enhanced the creativity in me. My hard work helped me work on all top projects during my six year stint with Telco, the memorable among them was building the Diesel engine for the Tata Indica, a dream project of then Chairman MrRatan Tata. There are minimum 4 parts which I developed and then went to design and then production. Each and every part, the first parts of the engine landed in my hands, the very first engine was first fired by me and later by everybody else and then Mr Tata. My work was recognized by Telco with ‘Man of the Year’ award in 1998 at the age of 23.
Out of hostel and now a permanent employee, the burning desire to do something in life was alive. A person with an earning of Rs.7500 per month, what can he do in life?, how can he make it big in life? In an honest way. This and many more such thoughts can come up in your mind. You need to understand that the first step to achieving success is growing yourself, getting knowledge, acquiring the required skills and hard work.Once you make yourself capable funding your idea becomes easy. But remember you have to be honest for this to happen.
In those years, right from my hostel days, I had been reading about Harshad Mehta, a broker on the Bombay Stock Exchange who had made it big by investing in the stock markets. Newspapers carried stories of not only the rich but also middle class, even about his driver who was successful in marrying off his daughters from the money he made investing in stocks. For a person like me who was trying to swim in the rough ocean, these kinds of news came as a big branch of a tree suddenly out of nowhere. So I had an idea, but I did not know how to take it forward. I started buying business magazines; i started reading everything that I could. In those days the stock market trading was limited to metro cities and mostly was confined to Mumbai and this was due to the lack of computers and communication mediums that are available today.
If you have read or seen the documentary movie, ‘SECRET’


if you remember the dialogue from the hindi movie Om Shanti Om,

“Itni Shiddat se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai,

ke harzarrene mujhe tumse Milane ki saazish ki hai.

Kehte hain ki…agar kisi cheezko dil se chaaho

to purikayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaatihai.” –

This happened with me. A senior friend of mine introduced me to an Asst Manager, MrLoganathan who worked in the same department. He was the one who gave me my first lessons in investing. So at the age of 19, I was going around with my guru to brokers’ offices understanding those plenty of processes. The first lesson which he gave me was ‘read everything written in the newspaper, but do not put your faith in it, he said papers print a lot of paid news.’In those days newspaper and TV were the only source of getting information. TV did not business channels, so plenty of limitations. This first lesson that he gave me has been engraved on my skull. Imagine the situation today when we live in a world of forwards and thousands of sources providing us wanted as well as unwanted information.
An important learning for me and I feel for you too is the next thought which gripped me in those days. How do I know which information is right and which is not? He told me about Technical Analysis, which was then been used in the western world and was not a household name then due to lack of computers, lack of basic infrastructure. He told me that this type of analysis will help me read the price movement and understand the view the bulls and bears have about a stock. He said, to create a price people have to come and trade means they have to bet theirhard earned money on a stock, to forward a news is easier than betting your money. This belief will always safeguard you from temptations in the stock market. But sad part no computers, no software, no technical analysis. My learning continued, I had not invested my money yet. Now came the year 1995, HDFC Bank IPO. Those were days of IPO’s, which were in plenty and easy for one of invest in. Trading was a no no until and unless you were on Dalal Street knowing what was happening. In Pune to buy any stock you had to give the order to the broker, make full payment and only get to know about the trade on the next day. Brokerage was 2% one side, and somehow a buyer always got to buy at the highest price for that day and when selling always would end up selling at the lowest price for the day, all this delivery. Due to lack of effective and fast communication, intraday trading was not a norm of the day then.

HDFC Bank IPO was priced at Rs.10 and I decided to apply for 1000 shares. This means I required to have Rs.10,000 in my bank account for me to apply. IPO in those days used to be a 2 to 3 month process; today this time frame seems to be of theStone Age period.Now comes the interesting part, I did not have Rs.10000 in my bank account, so I discussed this idea with my friends, 4 of them were ready with the idea of applying for this IPO, we all contributed Rs.2000 each and finally applied. Our payment of Rs.10000 came by some 2 months later, means we were not allotted shares, thus started my journey in the stock markets. I would say I was fortunate enough for not having tasted success in the very first attempt. I believe this is what made me take efforts and work hard on my journey which has finally brought me to where I am today.

Luckily during that period I got know that my cousin who stayed in Mumbai had started practicing Technical Analysis and I got a chance to learn from him. The first step is learning the correct methods; next important point is practicing what you have learnt.Thus started my journey with Technical Analysis in 1997.

My job and my family background did not give me the privilege of investing huge amount of money in the stock markets. So I had a moderate portfolio but the fire to make it big was continuously burning. As people around me started knowing about my Technical Analysis skills and knowledge they started approaching me to learn. This was a period when the markets were getting ready for the next big rally in the history of the Indian stock markets. Y2K and the dot com boom were driving the markets crazy. With internet and computers people had started getting attracted towards Intraday trading which was boosted with the new online brokers. This was the start of my Technical Analysis Training business. When I started I used to train at times one individual or may be 2 individuals, everybody and anybody who came to learn via word of mouth. The policy even today remains the same, minimum advertisements, maximum word of mouth, long term relations with clients, training batch of 15 participants, so that I can focus on every individual. Being a Trainer is not an easy task, it requires a lot of passion, to understand try doing it by yourself and you will understand that trading is easier than training individuals.

I was balancing two tasks at the same time - my job at Telco and stock market venture. My parents were not aware of all this. They were happy that I was busy. For one complete year I worked in third shift in Telco and during the day trade the markets, in the evening conduct training sessions and in the night again be present on duty at work. Till then I had spent 5years of learning and sweating with technical analysis. Now was a time when had to make a choice, as it was becoming difficult for me to balance myself on the two stones that I was trying to balance myself on. Do I continue to remain in a job or follow my DREAM? This was a very big decision for me. I believe it is a big decision for everybody even today. One fine day I decided to tell my parents about my dream, i am sure you would laugh out loud, listening to my dream about making a name for myself in the stock market and technical analysis, the first question which my mom asked me in Marathi was, tulalagna la mulgikondenar? Meaning who will marry his daughter to you?.I did not understand why she thought so, she clarified that a girl’s father would want his son in law to be settled with a job in a good company, in our community nobody has worked in the stock market and over this you want to start a business in that field. She further added, you already know we don’t have money to give you for the business. I did not anything to her immediately some weeks passed by, during that period whenever somebody came home and if was at home then she used to instruct them to convince me as to why I should not leave a good job at hand. This was a mother’s love for her son. Out of the plenty of people who tried to convince me as per my mother’s wish, there was one uncle who had a different view. He had worked with Hindustan Lever as a Sales Executive, so he had some better exposure; he was the only person who told her, you do not stop Mandar in what he wants to do. He said, he is young, he is hard working, he is not married, you do not worry he will do good for himself. These words cleared my way to make a decision which was going to change my life forever.

I decided to quit my job with Telco and thus started the journey called Precision Technicals (PT). You may not be aware of this PT has plenty of unique things to its name, most important a Pioneer in Technical Analysis training. When people in the stock market did not know what Technical Analysis was we were training people on using this type of analysis.I feel proud that my company is a role model for all the budding trainers in this field.

In the year 2000, I set on this journey with a dream in front of my eyes. I was young and little did I know that one day this dream will grow itself up in educating people all over the country. I started by training one or two individuals a time. The training used to continue for a month in the evenings and during the day I used to prepare technical research reports on stocks and the market. Without a sales team, I had to do sale by myself and so I used to visit stock brokers. In those days even brokers were more interested in ‘khabar’ then in analysis. One big time broker in Pune told me that I am too young to understand the function of the markets, he further told me that analysis does not work, he worked on khabar that he used to get from his ‘Bombay wala broker’ using which he used to trade. He told me that his Bombay wala broker was an expert operator. In some years this person had a different opinion and he subscribes to my software even today for the last 15 years. Slowly and steadily by word of mouth people started appreciating the work that I did and the numbers started increasing. The team at Precision Technicals also kept growing. In the year 2006 PT released its Technical Analysis software. In 2011 PT released its intraday software. Today the training programs are conducted all across India, the batch size continues to remain small, as more than numbers it is important for me to ensure that each and every participant is successful. PT has the best support hours with our support team working from 8 in the morning to 12 in the night.
During these years,side by side I decided to continue something that I had left behind. I had to leave my education incomplete due to the family situation which demanded me to work and earn when I was young. I completed my graduation, successfully completed an MBA.Will be completing PGDFM from MIT this year.All certifications up to date as per compliance
The journey has earned many awards, acknowledgements and appreciations so far.
Maharashtra Times carried an article on the centre spread in 2014 appreciating my efforts.
The journey has not been easy, falling down and getting up again, crossing hurdles without giving up, starting the climb on the next mountain one after the other. But yes the journey has been full of pleasure, lot of learning, building me as an individual, full filling a dream.ENJOYING THE MARKETS, HELPING PEOPLE FULL FILL THEIR DREAMS
What Next? This thought had been troubling for long period of time and suddenly one day a friend asked me, ‘Mandar you have come from a humble background and you have made it successful in this field. There are large number of individuals who want to make it successful in life. Why don’t you guide them?’

This thought immediately captured my mind and has not left me since then. IF i managed to do it, so can those plenty of budding youngsters. With an intention to take the right ideas of investing and trading in the stock market thus started a new journey.

Due to my research reports I had been writing on the markets and individual stocks since the year 1999 – 2000, now was the time to take this to the next level. My experience tells me that 90% of new comers / as well as existing market players are interested in intraday trading. Everybody wants a get rich quick idea and sad part is all feel that they have an idea to be successful. It feels bad when people commit the same mistakes again and again and over these many years the mistakes remain the same. To guide these budding souls in 2012 I started working on my first book for Day Traders / Day Trading. The objective of the book was to make these energetic souls understand the risk in the business of stock trading and guide them on ideas of right risk management. I thought evenif I help people in safeguarding the risk that could make a big difference to the experience which people have. The book was published in Feb 2015 titled ‘How to Make Money in Day Trading – Trade On An Invitation’. The book became a Best Seller on Amazon immediately in the first month of release. It has been among the top 20 Best Sellers on Amazon till now. In 2014 I started work on my second book meant for investors and traders who wanted to learn, understand and implement Technical Analysis strategies. This is a start to end, everything that you want as a solution, all built in this one single book. Built with my A I M strategy which helps keep in check the effects of emotions of Fear &Greed.The book was released in December 2018 titled ‘TRADING AND TECHNICAL ANALYSIS COURSE – How to Trade Safely and Profitably’.
In 2017, I was selected to speak at the TEDx forum which is one of most respected Talk forums in the world. Feels good to be a TEDx Speaker and having shared a unique idea in my Talk with which one can start saving and growing money for the future of your child and also educate your child on finance from the age of 10. The Talk is available on youtube and has  garnered more than 3.5 lakh views till now.

Through my website, writings, books, videos, trainings I want to help individuals in finding solutions. I want to guide them to stay on the right

path. During my early days, I came across some people because of whom I am what I am today. I want to now give my learning, my knowledge

to the ones who want to learn, to those who see a dream, to those who have the fire in them to make their dream see the day of the light.