Cricket, TableTennis, Volley Ball, Football, Kabbadi

I started playing cricket at the age of 10. The credit for this part of my life goes to my father.I started my cricketing career with Bapat sir at the PYC ground.
Those were the days when PYC was considered to be the motherland of cricket. Cricket is said to be a Gentleman’s game. To know what it meant you had to play at PYC, where everything that you did on the ground was with a reason.

The game has a theory and if you wanted to learn and play it by the book then in those you had to playat PYC grounds. Bapat sir and Bhandarkar sir were the two legends who coached hundreds of kids aiming to play cricket by the book.Between 1988 to 1991, I played at Nehru Stadium under Hemant Talwalkar sir. He was the one who gave all his boys the exposure that they required.

During my hostel years I had all the time for my love of sports. Some of them which I played well – Cricket, Football, Kabbadi, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Javelin Throw.Some of the trophies and awards during those days can be seen in the attached pics.

Out of these the best award has been the Best Bowler trophy for the highest number of wickets in a season. Throughout this period I continued to play cricket, had my own team by the name ‘PERFECT BOYS’ which played the
Poona District Association. I also played for Tata’s and my best time had been playing the Inter Tata Tournament from the Telco Head Office team. Some pics attached.




I continued to play till the year 2000 when I finally had to make a choice – between building a career and sports.With lot of pain and with a big stone on my heart I finally decided to go with career.